Eion uses enhanced rock weathering (ERW) to permanently, and irreversibly, remove carbon from our atmosphere. The Earth has been weathering rocks for billions of years to pull carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and store it in the ocean; Eion simply speeds up this natural process.
To do this, we identify, pulverize, and apply silicate rocks to agricultural lands. Exposure to naturally occurring moisture and acidity dissolves the pulverized rocks, improving soil health, and creating a thermodynamically irreversible chemical reaction that pulls atmospheric carbon into solution, forming bicarbonate ions that eventually sink to the bottom of the ocean, where they remain for millions of years.

Eion has developed proprietary tools that allow independent labs to directly measure the carbon removed via enhanced rock weathering. We deduct total lifecycle emissions from the amount of carbon removed and deliver independently verified tons of permanent carbon removal to our customers.

Pulverized rocks can be reapplied regularly, allowing Eion to deliver permanent carbon removal tons on a recurring basis, in a specified geography. We work with partners across our supply chain to deliver fair and sustainable outcomes, improving farmland, and creating stable carbon removal jobs along the way.