Katherine Roubos Therapy & Facilitation

I am a white, queer, trans masculine (they/them) therapist with fluency in poly, kinky, and gender minority experiences. I draw from somatic, narrative, psychodynamic, relational and mindfulness based approaches to therapy.

I enjoy working with people around:
– developing confidence
– setting boundaries
– managing professional or caregiver burnout
– living into the direction of one’s longings
– grappling with spiritual and existential questions
– freeing up one’s emotional relationship to money
– developing richer and more stable interpersonal relationships
– cultivating greater resilience within racial justice movements or dialogues

I welcome people who have experienced a lot or a little trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, loneliness, and other human challenges.

I am patient but not passive. I bring humor, metaphor, more than a decade of mindfulness practice, and art supplies (if you want them!) into the space. I ask you to be an active collaborator in the process, because your wisdom and consent matters in your journey of healing and growth.