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What Makes Going to Work Enjoyable?

What makes going to work enjoyable? We asked our members what brings a smile to their workday, and while culture and community were high on the list, our members say that good coffee is what really warms the heart. This is why we were so excited to meet Jay and Jenna with Soul Blends Coffee, who brought their pop-up coffee shop to Artthaus Studios!

From the moment you step into the lounge, you can hear the comforting sounds of Jay making delicious coffee drinks, and smell the freshest pastries from Starter Bakery. Jenna shared with us that more than half of their coffee comes from the highest altitudes of the prime growing regions in Africa. Soul Blends only supplies themselves with coffee beans from farms that are established as leaders in high-grade, organic coffee, for blends that are flavorful and ethical.

By supporting Soul Blends Coffee you are supporting sustainability and positive business practices. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

If you happen to find yourself in the Alameda/Fruitvale area, take a quick break and get a cup of coffee to support a local small business.

To find out more about Soul Blends visit their website or follow them on Instagram @mysoulblends.