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Riaz Capital's ethos is rooted in art and design, but most importantly, in community.
The Riaz Capital Arts Program offers our buildings as a canvas to select artists who exhibit at our experimental gallery, Artthaus Studios. By showcasing artwork on our buildings, we support budding artists, uplift our communities, and give our residents a sense of pride in where they live.

Artthaus Six

Artist : Favianna Rodriguez

Artthaus Studios

Artist : Allison Torneros, "Hueman"

Artthaus Linden

Artist : Allison Torneros, "Hueman"

Common MacArthur

Artist: Charlie Edmiston

Artthaus Mandela

Artist: Fernanda Martinez, "LA TINTA"

Artthaus Northgate

Artist : Allison Torneros, "Hueman"

Hannah Park

Artist: Mike Tyau, "BAM"

The Rose on Bond

Artist : Guy Pederson

What the Artists say

Artist Image

“West Oakland landscape is always transitioning - the old Victorian houses, old factories, and historic buildings are truly inspirational to me.“

Fernanda Martínez

Artist Image

“It’s been such an honor to reinvent this iconic Oakland building and while I’ve painted many walls internationally, there’s nothing like being able to share my talents in my very own neighborhood.”

Allison Torneros aka

Are you an artist?
Be a part of the art program and have your work featured on one of our buildings!

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Artthaus Studios is an art incubator and experimental gallery to showcase the work of upcoming artists.
We strive to give artists a platform to hone their craft and grow their brands. Artists who feature their work at Artthaus Studios have the opportunity to be selected to create art installations across our growing housing portfolio.

By : Charlie Edmiston

By : Adam Fiebelman

By : Charles Aweida

By : Salima Taplin

By : Nora Bruhn

By : Hueman Mural

By : Design Team

By : Guy Pederson

By : Taplin Family

By : Fernanda Martinez

By : Door Mural

By : Shogun Shido

By : Design Team

By : Design Team

By : Ernest Doty

By : Guy Pederson


By : David Buckingham

By : Adam Fiebelman

By : Riaz Taplin + Colin Marchesini

By : Design Team

By : Unknown + Riaz Taplin

By : Charlie Edmiston

By : Unknown Bali Artist

By : Trent Thompson

By : Hueman

By : ABG art group

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