Artthaus studios is a commercial business park and a high-end art showroom specializing in large-format installation.

Located at the historic Lucasey building in Oakland, California, the creative transformation of the building represents an East Bay that is now brimming with artistic talent. The interior collection consists of available works on consignment, prototypes from public projects, and works displayed on loan from artists and private collectors.  Much of the work represented communicates a potential for larger, more public work.  Along with the interior catalog, the exterior of the building, covering a full city block, serves as an impressive work of art in itself.

Artthaus Studios is an art incubator and experimental gallery to showcase the work of upcoming artists.
We strive to give artists a platform to hone their craft and grow their brands. Artists who feature their work at Artthaus Studios have the opportunity to be selected to create art installations across our growing housing portfolio.

By : Charlie Edmiston

By : Adam Fiebelman

By : Hueman Mural

By : Faviana Rodriguez

By : Salima Taplin

By : Shogun Shido

By : Design Team

By : Guy Pederson

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