Event Rentals Terms & Conditions



1. ARTTHAUS STUDIOS RULES. Maximum capacity for a private function is 500 people over the course of the evening for a reception (200 people maximum at one time or 60 people seated at tables). It is your responsibility to ensure that the number of people in this space does not exceed this limit at any given time. If it does, Artthaus Studios reserves the right to terminate the event without refund. Events over 50 people require a guard.

Hotboxes must be kept in the prep area. No open flames, steam, or extreme heat generation permitted at any time. No cooking with cooking oil (including deep frying) is permitted. Smoking is not permitted in the Gallery at any time. No one shall handle or move any artwork, display case, or other installation.

Items that cannot be removed after the event may be stored in the back and must be picked up the next business day between 10:00 am and 11:00am. During the event, the catering staff must do everything possible to keep guests from disturbing or attempting to handle artwork; leaning against wall; placing food/ beverages on artwork, cases, or pedestals; or scuffing the walls. Exit and walkways must be kept clear for wheelchair access and fire safety. Tables and chairs must be at least twenty inches from the walls. Trash shall be disposed of and completely removed from Artthaus Studios by the renter. Excessive noise of any type is prohibited. The applicant agrees that failure to comply with Artthaus Studios rules will result in forfeiture of all rental charges and immediate termination of the use of the premises as well as full responsibility for any harm suffered to artwork or the space or claims received by the Artthaus Studios related to the event.

2. CLEANING RESPONSIBILITY. Prior to rental, Artthaus Studios shall ensure that all floors, furniture, cabinets, walls, sinks, and bathrooms are clean, usable, and available to Applicant. Accordingly, at the termination of the event Applicant will ensure the following:

  • All food shall be removed from the Event space.
  • All trash, debris, and containers of garbage shall be taken to proper disposal.
  • Any item not mentioned above but that resulted as a part of the Applicant’s event activity shall be repaired/cleaned to the condition existent prior to the event.
  • In the event that damage occurs, the Applicant or the Applicant’s Contact Person shall be liable for the excess/damage.

3. AGREEMENT. Persons and organizations holding events in Artthaus Studios shall accept all liability for accidents involving participants, guests, and personal property, including damage to rental equipment that may occur as a result of the presence of participants and guests at Artthaus Studios. By accepting all liability, persons or organizations holding events in the Artthaus Studios release, and their employees, agents, and volunteers from any and all legal liability which might arise from holding events at Artthaus Studios. Event hosts must execute the attached waiver of liability prior to the event.

Renter will obtain the following insurance coverage(s) with the following named additional insureds: Lucasey Lofts LP, Lucasey Lofts GP, LLC, and Best Bay Apartments, Inc. Such insurance shall be in effect for the duration of the Event, including any associated set-up & tear-down periods:

General Liability including Bodily Injury and Property Damage:

Each Occurrence: $1,000,000
General Aggregate (other than Prod/Comp Ops Liability) Products: $2,000,000
Completed Operations Aggregate: $2,000,000
Personal & Advertising Injury Liability: $1,000,000
Damage to Premises rented to you: $300,000

In addition, if alcoholic beverages will be served at the Event, Host, at Host’s expense, will obtain Host Liquor Liability insurance. Hosts must provide all certificates of insurance to Artthaus Studios no later than one week prior to the Event.

4. WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY. I acknowledge that use of the Premises (much of which is industrial), equipment and facilities of Artthaus Studios is subject to hazards and risks which are inherent in such premises, equipment, facilities and the types of activities engaged therein. In consideration of the benefits to be derived from the use of such premises, equipment and facilities, and after carefully reviewing the risks involved, I hereby release, hold harmless and waive all claims I may have against Lucasey Lofts LP, Lucasey Lofts GP, LLC, Best Bay Apartments, Inc. and their employees, agents and volunteers, for personal injury, accidents or illnesses (including death) or property loss resulting from participation in activities and use of such facilities, premises or equipment, or any other claims, however caused, now or in the future, even through negligence of those parties.

5. PAYMENT. Payment is due at the time of the event.

Check: Please make check payable to Lucasey Loft, LP

Banking Information for Bank Transfer:
Account Name: Lucasey OP
Bank Name: First Republic Bank
Account Number: 80003315157
Routing Number: 321081669

Artthaus Studios reserves the right to cancel any event at any time for any reason, though it seeks to uphold the spirit of the agreed upon dates of an event.