Artthaus Workspace Floor Plans

Mid-sized Workspaces

Our medium workspaces are spacious, with open floor plans, high ceilings and flexible layouts.

These spaces range from quiet offices to light industrial workshops and everything in between. All medium workspaces are conveniently located close to amenities such as the loading dock, utility sink, spa shower, and full kitchennete. These units have plenty of natural light and room for any stage of your business. 

These unit types host production companies, artists, a climbing gym, consulting firms, start-ups, woodworkers and more! These spaces are suited for flexible office, photography studios, retail, maker and ship-in, ship-out spaces. 

750 sq ft - 3,620 sq ft
$1,298 - $9,248 base rent

Some of these units feature:

  • Private offices and conference rooms
  • Roll-up doors for direct access to the street
  • Kitchenettes
  • Large skylights
  • Infinity walls
  • Exposed brick
  • Sink
914-920 sq. ft.
$1998-$2298 /month
1505 sq. ft.
1798 sq. ft.
737-775 sq. ft.
$1498-$1798 /month
1508 sq. ft.
1346 sq. ft.
988-999 sq. ft.
1283 sq. ft.
1300-1341 sq. ft.
1283 sq. ft.
1613 sq. ft.
1283 sq. ft.
1283 sq. ft.
1669 sq. ft.
1687 sq. ft.
1669 sq. ft.
835 sq. ft.
1798 sq. ft.
999-1004 sq. ft.
612 sq. ft.
834 sq. ft.
999 sq. ft.
2248 sq. ft.
737 sq. ft.
914 sq. ft.
999 sq. ft.
1,283 sq. ft.
1,692 sq. ft.
1,669 sq. ft.
1,669 sq. ft.

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The Medium workspace at Artthaus Studio is ideal for my growing direct-to-consumer business. We can easily store couple thousand units of product in our space. We have plenty of room for order packing,  processing, and shipping, as well as space for a dedicated office and content production. 

We understand that businesses change or grow.

We have flexible workspaces that adapt to your business needs.


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