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Ideal for:
Hair Stylists and Salons
Nail Salons
Makeup Artists
Tattoo Artists


Amenities & Features

Get your dream workspace along with access to plenty of features and facilities

Frame 112

Vast Common Areas & Kitchenettes

Frame 113

Loading Dock Access

Frame 114

Pet-Friendly Spaces

Frame 115

Free WiFi

Frame 116

EV Charging & Bike Storage

Frame 117

Keyless Entry

Frame 118

Front Desk

Frame 119

Secure Mailroom

Frame 120

Package Pickup & Delivery

Frame 121

Spa Shower

Frame 122

Janitorial Services

Frame 123

Sunny Rooftop

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Workspace Categories

Enjoy flexible leasing options, favorable lease terms, and private units with shared amenities at budget-friendly prices.

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Premium Workspaces

Great for teams of 10-20 people Starting at $4,448/month

Frame 106

Medium Workspaces

Great for teams of 6-10 people Starting at $1,298/month

Frame 107

Studio Workspaces

Great for teams of 2-4 people Starting at $848/month

What's Available:

Availability is subject to change. Inquire even if you don't see a space you feel is right for you.

Premium Workspaces

1,842 sq. ft.
200 sq. ft.

Medium Workspaces

773 sq. ft.
914 sq. ft.
774 sq. ft.
300 sq. ft.
302 sq. ft.
1,346 sq. ft.
988 sq. ft.
999 sq. ft.
1,613 sq. ft.
1,283 sq. ft.
1283 sq. ft.
1,692 sq. ft.
1,669 sq. ft.
1,669 sq. ft.
835 sq. ft.
835 sq. ft.
999 sq. ft.

Studio Workspaces

100 sq. ft.
Starting at $598/month
320 sq. ft.
Starting at $988/month

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Additional Features

Frame 108

Smart Conference Room

For In-Person & Virtual Meetings $50 - $150 Hourly Price

Frame 109


Daily Passes for Hot Desk Work Starting at $15/day

Frame 110

Storage Units

Convenient & Secure $98-$149/month

Frame 111

Photo/Video Studios

Flexible Spaces for your Creative Vision Starting at $100/hour


"Artthaus has been a great fit for XIA.  We appreciate the convenience and community of the facilities as a whole.  The shared spaces are lovely and well curated, and we have also been able to customize our dedicated lab space to fit our needs."



Within 3 years Soothi was able to move from one of our studio units to one of the medium workspaces. The Medium workspace at Artthaus Studio is ideal for my growing direct-to-consumer business. We can easily store a couple thousand units of product in our space. We have plenty of room for order packing,  processing, and shipping, as well as space for a dedicated office and content production.  



"I have been fortunate to be a tenant at Artthaus Studios. I use the space to meet clients for one-on-one coaching and for team development work. My space has provided the intimacy and professionalism I wanted. It also provides a cool factor. Every client who I have worked with has loved the building. Four years later, I still love my space!"

Anna was among the first members to join Artthaus Studios

Anna Scott Coaching


"Watch how Cultivate Code's used Artthaus Studios as the backdrop for this fantastic performance by the talented TCC dancer's video shoot.
The combination of indoor and outdoor space provided them with many different options for production. Our friendly staff was helpful, ensuring that our shoot ran smoothly from start to finish.Let us be your one-stop shop for all your production needs, and get the final product exactly as you envision."

Cultivate Code


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